Chinese Muslim food hits the spot in Shah Alam!!

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Rarely do we find Chinese Restaurant that Malays can come and enjoy. Malays would love to eat what our chinese brothers are eating but we have our religious limitations. So heres me sharing a place so we can indulge.

To all Shah Alam-ians, I finally found a Chinese Muslim Restaurant located here.... baru je tahu, ketinggalan zaman sikit. But for others yg lagi ketinggalan dan lagi hampeh the restaurants name is Mukmin. Its located at seksyen 19 near Shah Alam Medical Center (not Selangor Medical Center seks. 20.... senang tersilap hospital) on the row of shops kinda facing the old Depalma Hotel.

Food was good at reasonable prices too. Great value especially for this kind of cuisine. Proven, cause their main customers were middle-class Melayu (Melayu kan wassatiahh!!). I noticed cause ramai pakai baju kilang. The drinks... i tell you was superbbbb!! Walaupun hanya soya + cincau together, they made their on soya and it tasted different from ones I had before. As you can see in the pics, the air asam cukup kick with the response of our 'soured' face. But my favorite order of the night was 'air buah kundur dan longan'. Some ustadz made it and it really did what it claimed on the label. I did feel a little fresher. Loved it... we loved it so much that we bought extra bottles to bring back home.

The food was also a hit but we didnt get to try out a lot of dishes.. only 3 adultss yg nak makan, itu pun tak habis and had to bungkus balik. We had the nestum prawn (adik kepada butter prawn) but with a lot more fiber (nak sedapkan my high colesterol hati), ketam masak cili+cari+kicap kot and sayur kailan ikan masin. Everything was wonderful. "The ketam was sooo fressh" said the wife and my mother-in-law (ketam enthusiasts). I really enjoyed the prawns cause of its tender shells. I just had to chew the heads off... full of flavor, Layannnn... Normally it will give me itchy lips but not this time. The only complain that I had was the sayur was too salty. But daaaaa said everybody, its suppose to be cause of the salted fish. Okklahhh.. I was just being concern over my blood pressure.

A little heads up is that this place is good but a little bit crowded, sempit, 'berlengas' , asap kepul, stuffy and not so comfy. Anybody looking for a place to chill out and talk, this is not it. Its a place to really eat. So do enjoy it you get a chance.

ps.. I only recommend great places that I believe every day people will appreciate.

A win is a win is a win is a win!!!!!!

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Powerrr Siutttt Malaysiaaaaa!!!!
How i wish i can really say this

Yes the Malaysian Team won the Gold for football at the Sea Games. Something not achieved since 1989.

Congrats and well done

You lads really did a hell of a job and made us proud. Not taking anything away from the win, the final was really more of Vietnam losing than Malaysia winning. Proven with dozens of chances but the sole goal came from Vietnams defense own doing. I just really have to state that our footballers are not that talented. Heart and team spirit absolutely without a doubt (you can really feel they will bleed for the jersey) but star quality a definite no. Just proves a point it takes more than talent to win. But who cares right!! We won!! Like in the title I would like to end this entry with my favorite quote:

A win is a win is a win is a win!!!!!!

How easy for some people to sleep.

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Just got off from my night shifts. Damn freaking tired. Kerja banyak nak mampus. Anybody whos been on graveyard shifts understands the suckinest i'm talking about. Feeling unfunctional and extremely grumpy. Melalut tahap paklah. zzzzzz.... sekejap!

Trying to sleep right now but somehow not that easy to let the body rilex after being pissed off and stressed out at work. Running the arguments while lying down. So went to check my emails trying to be productive while waiting for that real doozy sleepy hit. Ironically, somebody sent me these pics. Reallyy made me envious. How I wish I can the kids in the pics right now.


Tiger Wood's Jokes

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Everybody is having a go at Tiger Wood's since his alleged adultery. Here are a few jokes I read and just had to share.
  1. KFC’s coming out with a ‘Tiger Meal'. White breast only.
  2. Tiggger spent too much time lining up his putz
  3. looks like tiger has been getting more than just his balls in the hole…he’s been getting his club in too!!!
  4. Why did Tiger survive the accident? Elin didn’t take enough club.
  5. New Nike theme: “Just Did It" or "Just Do it - Tiger would"
  6. I thought the idea of the game was fewer strokes
  7. Difference between Santa and Tiger. Santa stops at three ho’s
  8. What is Tiger Wood’s wife doing at 2 AM? Clubbin…
  9. Of course Tiger had a lot of girlfriends. He was always known for his great putz.
  10. Tigers may not change their stripes, but they sure do like to change their women!
  11. Now we know the secrete of his success. Tiger practises on plenty greens.
  12. Tiger’s new name: Cheetah Wood
  13. Why does Tiger carry a little towel when he’s playing a round? To keep his balls dry.
  14. Tiger Woods won’t be winning ‘Golfer of the Year’. He just won ‘Player of the Year”
  15. Professional golfers are calling Tiger’s wife, asking, “What kind of golf club would you recommend if I want to beat Tiger Woods?”
  16. There’s got to be some kind of record for the longest string of birdies!
  17. The company that wants Tiger to sponsor them is “LAYS” potato chips -Bet you just can’t have one
  18. Tiger woods got fired as a gilette spokesman because he said he’s crash was the closest shave he’d ever had.
  19. I understand tigers are meat lovers. Is this tiger’s preference white meat only?
  20. “That’s what happens when you misplace your putter.”
  21. Whats the difference between Tiger and Santa? Santa only comes once a year.

Rihanna's wisdom

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In Rihanna's interview with Ryan Seacrest she said that all women should take a picture of themselves naked. So that 20 years later they wont regret realizing how their bodies have changed. I totally agreeee!!! Why not!! But men dont go all narcissistic and snap yourselves. Flattering it maybe, nobody wants to see us naked now or ever..

ps.. taking advise from Rihanna who walks naked all day in the house with the pool boy around has its discretions.

Starting a new shooting range

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Apparently since I started blogging I have always been inclined to filter a little on what to say especially intending the blog to be family orientated.

So i decided to start my own personal blog of my views without limiting my own creative writing. So called lahh..

So heres to my new blog. Hope it lives to an old and prosperous age.